Call for participants who are willing to design "future products."

Following the success of the School in 2016, the International Innovation Design School will be held again from May 24 (Wed.) to May 27 (Sat.) 2017 at the Integrated Research Center, Kobe University. This program is promoted by the Design Creativity SIG of the Design Society, Kobe University in Japan and Carnegie Mellon University in the USA.

Participants will design an innovative product (prototypes of industrial products) and evaluate how the product will be useful in a future society (for example, after 10 years).

The tentative flow of the program is illustrated below. (The actual proceedings may change.)

Intuitive Synthesis Future Scenario CAD Modeling Virtual Reality Evaluation Outline

Click each stage in the above figure for details corresponding to the stage.

  1. Formulate ideas on products, which will be specified during the program, using the Forced Associations Method based on the participant's intuition.
  2. Investigate how the future product will be useful in a Future Scenario (a scenario that envisions the future of society). A number of scenarios will be prepared in advance.
  3. A CAD model of the created product will be generated. Then, the CAD model and the scene in which the product will be used will be projected through virtual reality (VR). The product's effective use in future society will be evaluated.

The language used in the school is English. All participants are strongly requested to stay in their assigned accommodation (hotel style; single rooms will be prepared for each person) near the venue of the school.

We welcome participants—early-career researchers or students—from anywhere in the world. The participants are divided into small groups (four to six persons per group) in performing the tasks. Those who are interested in participating are requested to fill out the application form and send it to the mailing address indicated in the application form by January 31, 2017. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by Feb. 28, 2017.