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Mission Statement

Director of the Center for Membrane and Film Technology - Professor Hideto Matsuyama
Director of the Center for Membrane and Film Technology
Professor Hideto Matsuyama
Current synthetic membrane technology addresses a range of business applications which can improve daily life, including hollow-fiber membranes to purify tap water, reverse osmosis membranes for desalinization of ocean water, and membranes for filtering and distilling industrial wastewater. Constantly developing membrane technology has produced enhanced separation features, more sophisticated materials and construction, and catalyzer attachments. Membrane technology is expanding its range of industrial applications to include uses other than just for water, such as carbon dioxide and dehydrogenation gas separators.

With significant concern over the future of the world’s water supplies, there is a need for enhanced membranes with improved functions for water purification and recycling, as well as carbon dioxide emission control and gas separators for dehydrogenation during production. Membrane technology is attracting considerable attention as a key technology for solving such environmental issues.

In addition to separation membranes, a range of interests with regard to the environment and energy are covered, including thin film (an organic device), liquid membrane, and a membrane reactor with catalytic function.

It is in this context that the field of synthetic membrane technology plays a leading role globally, with the cutting-edge Center for Membrane and Film Technology established at the Kobe University School of Graduate Studies Research Department. With the aims of the Center being to establish an international hub for membrane engineering technology, foster increased international competitiveness and produce solutions for environmental and energy issues, we’re putting forth every effort to take the lead in education and research in this field.

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