Kobe University Tenure-Track Program

Traits of Our Tenure-Track System

Overview of Kobe University's Tenure Track System

Kobe University is an educational institution founded on the principle of balancing theory and practice; its spirit is one of enterprise and freedom. Building on this tradition and its reputation as an outstanding research institution where collaborative and integrative initiatives are fully realized, the university aims to serve as a world-class center for education and research. Kobe University continuously strives to create new value to solve current and future challenges facing society. As part of its efforts to strengthen research by increasing the number of first-rate young scholars on the faculty, the school introduced the Kobe University Tenure Track Program. The university envisions a tenure track faculty that integrates excellent research and educational skills with an international perspective and a rich sense of humanity. It aims to nurture outstanding young scholars who balance these qualities.
The Kobe University Tenure Track Program currently operates with support from independent initiatives and the Japan Science and Technology Agency's Tenure Track Dissemination and Establishment Project.

Features of the Kobe University Tenure Track System

In order to promote the development of young faculty who embody the president's vision of excellence in advanced and interdisciplinary research, the university supports department-led tenure track systems throughout the school that take into account the reforms and future plans of the university. These include the following:
1.Programs that contribute to strengthening the university's research capabilities and redefining its mission
2.Future-oriented human resource planning that takes into account faculty diversity and emerging fields of study
3.System planning perspectives that promote the development of outstanding young faculty members

Kobe University's tenure track system is designed to strengthen the university's research capabilities by concentrating on financial and human resources in departments that promote the types of programs listed above.

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