Kobe University Tenure-Track Program

Details / Organization

1. Kobe University Tenure Track Steering Committee

A Tenure Track Steering Committee has been established directly under the university president. The role of this central committee is to engage in university-wide tenure track system planning, approve the hiring and review of tenure track faculty at the departmental level, provide support for research facilities and operational expenses necessary for the smooth operation of the program within each department, and plan and implement human resource development for tenure track faculty throughout the university.

2. Departmental Framework

Department-level tenure track steering committees led by departmental heads have also been established. These committees work in concert with the central committee with the aim of refining the tenure track system. In addition to hiring and reviewing faculty and putting together mentoring teams, departmental committees help ensure that tenure-track faculty have the independent space and budget they need for research. Additionally, the committees support the operation of the tenure track system at the department level.

3. Operational Support

To ensure that the tenure track system operates smoothly, the university offers seminars related to the professional development of young faculty, assistance in securing external funding and establishing collaborative research relationships, and other services. These services are offered primarily through the Office of Strategic Research Management (URA room) and the Center for Collaborative Research and Technology Development.

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