Kobe University Tenure-Track Program

Greetings from the Executive Director

2015 marked the inaugural year of Kobe University’s tenure-track system, which expanded the systems that were previously promoted by individual departments across the university to motivate young researchers through personalized support programs. Furthermore, thanks to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s (MEXT) adoption of the Tenure-Track Establishment and Popularization Program in the same fiscal year, FY 2015, we hope to further accelerate the establishment of our system and motivate young researchers by combining MEXT’s support with our efforts to recruit 10 tenure-track faculty members annually.
At Kobe University, we extol the Takeda vision of being “a preeminent research university that shines with cutting-edge, integrated literature and science research.” In accordance with this ideal, we seek to appoint gifted young researchers, who possess excellent abilities for research, education, and the international stage, to our tenure-track faculty positions. Specifically, we aim to appoint young researchers who will develop new fields of study, and promote cutting-edge research unbound by the framework of the humanities and sciences, while harnessing the unique features and strong traditions of both.
Numerous tenure-track positions are already occupied by faculty whose promising talent in their respective fields, we believe, allows them to be entrusted with the future of Kobe University: a future we hope will focus on the successive filling of new tenure-track positions by active young researchers.
Devotion and immersion in their research will be important, as will be the building of a strong network that joins fellow tenure-track faculty and further enhances their qualities. I sincerely hope that they will flourish through such enrichment, and become the type of researchers who drive the future of this university.

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