Research Divisions

Coating Membrane Division

Coating films made from particle dispersions are widely applied into practical use particularly in fuel cells, electrode films for lithium-ion secondary batteries as well as conductive thin films. Many types of paints are also dispersions of functional particles.

Thin film formation by coating and drying particle dispersion is a general operation even in daily life. However, in the manufacturing process of novel thin films such as battery electrodes, the formation and control of micro structure by coating and drying are still an important issue which needs to be clarified for the mass-production. Our studies focus on controlling the state of particle aggregation in the dispersion, understanding the structural change associated with coating flow, establishing a method to form desired micro structure, measuring the drying rate accurately, as well as the modelling of drying process are required to be achieved.

In this division our research mainly focuses on the following 3 topics.


  • Yoshiyuki Komoda (Associate Professor)(*)
  • Takafumi Horie (Assistant Professor)

(*) Division Leader

Research Topics

Rheological Analysis of Fine-particle Distributed Manipulation

Our objective is to understand through rheologic measurement the structural changes going along with dispersion progression when we mix particles and solvents in a homogeneous shear field. The Viscometric method is widely known but Non-linear viscoelastic measurement is effective at analyzing the internal structure of high-concentrated dispersion systems.

Coating and Drying Analysis of Particle Dispersion Fluid

We examine the impact of shear manipulation in coating on the condensed state and its subsequent drying process, as well as directly observe particle aggregate breaking and reagglomeration during shearing application on coating manipulation simulation step. We also analyse coating membrane internal filling rate variation and ray scattering obtained through parallel measurement of thickness and weight in the structural formation process of applied surfaces. In addition, we are performing research on the characteristic particle accumulation process that occurs in the edge of the coating membrane.

Development of a Micro-rheology Measurement System for Coating Film Drying Understanding

Our focus is on rheologic measurement using magnetic miroparticles by applying a contactless measurement method in structural formation from the drying process. Through this method we expect to know the local structural formation occuring in microdrops’ drying process and coating membrane edge patterning.

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