The 29th Workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation in Japan

The 29th Workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation in Japan

November 25 (Mon) -29 (Fri), 2019


JGRG is a series of workshops held in Japan every year since 1991, which has provided a place where people can exchange ideas and pursue future trends of research. The workshop will cover a wide area of research related to general relativity and gravitation. 

Important Notice (Transportation from Kansai International airport)

Due to renovation of a highway connecting Kobe and Kansai International airport (KIX), the airport bus is basically not available during November 20-30 (normally it takes one hour, but they say that it will take more than two hours in this period). We recommend participants coming from KIX to take trains or a high-speed boat as explained below.

The easiest way to Sannomiya station (downtown Kobe) is
1) take Kansai-Airport Express "Haruka" from the airport to Shin-Osaka station (50mins):
2) take JR Kobe line to Sannomiya station (30mins).
It takes 1.5 hours and costs 2730 JPY in total. There are several other train options (cheaper, but either longer or more complicated), but we refer those with interests to google map.

Another option is to take a high-speed boat:
They provide a discount service for non-Japanese visitors (500 JPY for boat from KIX to Kobe airport + 340 JPY for portliner from Kobe airport to Sannomiya). It is slightly complicated, but the following webpage provides information useful enough to make it:

Important Dates

10 July 2019 Registration opens
Registration Deadlines
15 September 2019 Application for visa
15 September 2019 Participants who apply for travel expenses support
1 October 2019 Participants who apply for presentation
15 October 2019 All other participants
25 November 2019 JGRG29 start
27 November 2019 Conference Dinner
29 November 2019 JGRG29 end
10/July/2019 Registration opens
Registration Deadlines
15/Sep/2019 Application for visa
15/Sep/2019 Participants who apply for travel expenses support
1/Oct/2019 Participants who apply for presentation
15/Oct/2019 All other participants
25/Nov/2019 JGRG29 start
27/Nov/2019 Conference Dinner
29/Nov/2019 JGRG29 end

Invited Speakers

Manuela Campanelli (Rochester Institute of Technology)

"Simulations of Binary Black Hole Mergers in the Multi-Messenger Astrophysics Era"

Cédric Deffayet (IHÉS)

"Massive and partially massless gravitons on curved space-times"

Alexander Dolgov (Novosibirsk State U.)

"Electromagnetic phenomena in the process of black hole coalescence"

Stefan Hollands (University of Leipzig)

"Determinism and Quantum Theory inside Black Holes"

Yousuke Itoh (Osaka City U.)

"Status of KAGRA"

Sabino Matarrese (University of Padova)

"Anisotropies and non-Gaussianity: from the Cosmic Microwave Background to the Gravitational Wave Background"

Kentaro Miuchi (Kobe U.)

"Direct Dark Matter Detection Review"

Alexei A. Starobinsky (Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics)

"Evolution of the mixed R^2-Higgs inflationary model"

Alexander Vikman (Prague, Inst. Phys. )

"Weyl Symmetry for Dark Matter and Dark Energy"

Alexander Vilenkin (Tufts University)

"Black holes from vacuum bubbles"

Salvatore Vitale (MIT)

"Status update of LIGO/Virgo's third observing run"

Silke Weinfurtner (Nottingham U.)

"The hydrodynamic rotating black hole: superradiance, ringdown and backreaction"


Please check your accommodation here.

Each participant should arrange his/her own accommodation.

The conference programme and schedule are available : [Invited/Oral],[Poster],[Schedule]


Centennial Hall, Rokkodai-2nd campus, Kobe University

Group photo : [21.9MB],[1.9MB],[900KB]

Previous JGRGs and Proceedings

Scientific Organizing Committee

Hideki Asada (Hirosaki), Takeshi Chiba (Nihon U.), Tomohiro Harada (Rikkyo U.), Kunihito Ioka (YITP, Kyoto), Akihiro Ishibashi (Kindai U.), Hideki Ishihara (Osaka City U.), Sugumi Kanno (Osaka), Masahiro Kawasaki (ICRR, Tokyo), Tsutomu Kobayashi (Rikkyo U.), Yasufumi Kojima (Hiroshima), Kei-ichi Maeda (Waseda U.), Shinji Mukohyama (YITP, Kyoto), Takashi Nakamura (Kyoto), Ken-ichi Nakao (Osaka City U.), Yasusada Nambu (Nagoya), Toshifumi Noumi (Kobe), Ken-ichi Oohara (Niigata), Misao Sasaki (Kavli IPMU, Tokyo), Masaru Shibata (AEI & YITP, Kyoto), Tetsuya Shiromizu (Nagoya), Jiro Soda (Kobe), Naoshi Sugiyama (Nagoya), Teruaki Suyama (Tokyo Tech), Hideyuki Tagoshi (ICRR, Tokyo), Takahiro Tanaka (Kyoto), Masahide Yamaguchi (Tokyo Tech), Kazuhiro Yamamoto (Kyushu), Ryo Yamazaki (Aoyama Gakuin U.), Jun'ichi Yokoyama (RESCEU, Tokyo)

Local Organizing Committee

Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Kobe University
Jiro Soda (Chair), Toshifumi Noumi, Kazufumi Takahashi, Daisuke Yoshida, Asuka Ito, Daiske Yoshida


Graduate School of Science, Kobe University