Intensive course in 2023

Date Lecturer Title ( Abstract : Click the title )
10/16 (Mon) - 10/17 (Tue)
Atsushi Taruya

Seminars in 2023

Every Wednesday at 3pm in Seminar room.
Date Speaker Title ( Abstract : Click the title )
Kazushige Ueda
(Kobe Univ.)
Inflation theory and quantum theory of primordial gravitational waves connected by cosmic magnetic fields
Hidetoshi Omiya
(Kobe Univ.)
Self-interacting field around black holes
Jiro Soda
(Kobe Univ.)
Kyohei Mukaida
Lepton Number Violation and Bayrogenesis
Pak Hang Chris Lau
(Kobe Univ.)
Ryusuke Jinno
First-order phase transitions and gravitational wave production in the early Universe
Naritaka Oshita
Universal Nature of a Black Hole Ringing
Chong-Bin Chen
(Kobe Univ.)
Kimihiro Nomura
(Kobe Univ.)
Observing axions through photon ring dimming of black holes
(Kobe Univ.)
Rehearsal of summer school
07/05(Wed) 15:30~
Takayuki Saitoh
(Kobe Univ.)
Numerical simulations of galaxy formation and evolution
Atsushi Nishizawa
Circular Polarizations of the Astrophysical Gravitational Wave Background
Taiga Miyachi
(Kobe Univ.)

Lunch Seminar

Every Wednesday at 1pm in Seminar room.

7/12 Nanohertz gravitational waves from cosmic strings and dark photon dark matter arXiv:2306.17390 [hep-ph] by Ueda
7/5 The NANOGrav 15-year Data Set: Observations and Timing of 68 Millisecond Pulsars arXiv:2306.16217 [astro-ph.HE] by Omiya
7/5 The NANOGrav 15-year Data Set: Search for Signals from New Physics arXiv:2306.16219 [astro-ph.HE] by Omiya
6/28 Radiation Emission during the Erasure of Magnetic Monopoles arXiv:2306.12958 [hep-th] by Mukuno
6/28 Neutrino oscillation bounds on quantum decoherence arXiv:2306.14699 [hep-ph] by Soda
6/28 A Diffraction Grating for the Cosmic Neutrino Background and Dark Matter arXiv:2303.04814 [hep-ph] by Omiya
6/21 Gravitationally-induced entanglement in cold atoms arXiv:2304.00734 [quant-ph] by Soda
6/21 On the Origin of Time's Arrow in Quantum Mechanics arXiv:2305.15468 [hep-th] by Chris
6/21 Induced Gravitational Waves via Warm Natural Inflation arXiv:2306.09641 [astro-ph.CO] by Ueda
6/14 Spinning Black Holes with Axion Hair arXiv:2306.03662 [gr-qc] by Omiya
6/14 Observation of false vacuum decay via bubble formation in ferromagnetic superfluids arXiv:2305.05225 [hep-ph] by Miyachi
6/7 The Taiji-TianQin-LISA network: Precisely measuring the Hubble constant using both bright and dark sirens arXiv:2305.19714 [astro-ph.CO] by Omiya
6/7 Vacuum Decay in Time-Dependent Backgrounds arXiv:2306.01609 [hep-th] by Miyachi
5/31 Photon to axion conversion during Big Bang Nucleosynthesis arXiv:2305.16838 [hep-ph] by Ueda
5/26 Searching for Scalar Ultralight Dark Matter with Optical Fibers arXiv:2305.11205 [hep-ph] by Nomura
5/26 Constraints on the Hubble constant from Supernova Refsdal's reappearance arXiv:2305.06367 [astro-ph.CO] by Omiya
5/17 Absorption of Axion Dark Matter in a Magnetized Medium arXiv:2305.05681 [hep-ph] by Mukuno
5/10 Black Holes as the source of the dark energy: a stringent test with the high-redshift JWST AGNs arXiv:2305.03408 [astro-ph.CO] by Omiya
5/10 Dissipative genesis of the inflationary Universe arXiv:2305.02366 [gr-qc] by Ueda
4/26 High-Frequency Gravitational Wave Detection via Optical Frequency Modulation arXiv:2304.10579 [hep-ph] by Nomura
4/26 Initial conditions problem in cosmological inflation revisited arXiv:2304.12150 [gr-qc] by Omiya
4/19 Supermassive primordial black holes: a view from clustering of quasars at z∼6 arXiv:2304.08153 [astro-ph.CO] by Nomura
4/12 Spontaneous symmetry emergence as a source of new class of phase transitions arXiv:2209.12497 [quant-ph] by Miyachi

Past seminars