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As climate change accelerates, population is increasingly urban, once inhabited environment return to the wild, a new wild, with new dynamics inherited from post-humanisation and climate change. In this context, how do the sediment processes and hazards occur is the central question.

Christopher GOMEZ's Laboratory

The laboratory investigates sediment transfers in mountains, on volcanoes in the cascade down to the sea, as well as the related hazards. It combines an array of methods from 3D pointcloud acquisition and processing for the surface to Ground Penetrating Radar and Electric Resistivity for the subsurface. Laboratory works is based on geotechnical analysis and computing is supported by GIS, remote sensing, physical and numerical computing, with an emphasis on R & Matlab's tools.


5-1-1 Fukaeminamimachi
Higashinadaku, Kobe
658-0022, JAPAN


Phone: +81(0)78-431-6200           
Fax: +81(0)78-431-6200