23rd PCRC International Law Seminar

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23rd PCRC International Law Seminar 23rd PCRC International Law Seminar title

Date & Time
March 2 (Thu), 2023  17:00 - 18:30
Kobe University GSICS Building 4th Floor, Presentation Room
Keynote Speaker

Evan Bloom Mr. Evan T. Bloom  (Senior Fellow, Wilson Center, USA)

Mr. Bloom, a lawyer and former US senior diplomat, will discuss the recent US Arctic Strategy, as well as US Antarctic policies in light of geopolitical challenges. Topics include the Arctic Council, CAO fisheries agreement, ATCM and CCAMLR; and the role of US, Japan, China, and Russia in the future polar governance.

1. Opening Remarks 

 Akiho Shibata, Director, Kobe PCRC, Japan

2. Keynote speech 

 Evan Bloom, Senior Fellow, Wilson Center, USA

3. Panel Discussion 

 Eyjólfur Guðmundsson, Rector, University of Akreyri, Iceland
 Timo Koivurova, Research Professor, University of Lapland, Finland
 Akiho Shibata, Professor, Kobe University, Japan

4. General discussion with the audience