Recent Advances in Terahertz
Molecular Science


Molecular Photoscience Research Center International Symposium

" Recent Advances in Terahertz
Molecular Science "

March 10, 2017
Takigawa Memorial Hall, Kobe University

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Group photo 2017. 3. 10.


Molecular Photoscience Research Center, Kobe University
Organization for Advanced and Integrated Research, Kobe University

Organizing Committee

Keisuke Tominaga (Kobe Univ.)
Hitoshi Ohta (Kobe Univ.)
Susumu Okubo (Kobe Univ.)
Masahiko Tani (Univ. of Fukui)


  This one-day symposium, a post-conference of IW-FIRT 2017/DHP-TST 2017 in University of Fukui, will be held on March 10, 2017, at Kobe University to discuss the recent progresses of the spectroscopic applications of the THz region in molecular science. The THz region is an important frequency region to explore structures, interactions, and dynamics of various molecular systems in the fields of chemistry, biology, physics, and material science. The symposium provides an international forum for discussing advances at the forefront of THz research in informal atmosphere.

Discussion topics;
  • THz ESR under strong magnetic field
  • Applications of THz spectroscopy to various molecular systems such as polymers and biological systems
  • Bioscience in magnetic resonance
  • Venue

    Takigawa Memorial Hall, Rokkodai 2nd campus, Kobe University  
    Campus map (Building No. 100)
    Access (Rokkodai 2nd campus)

    Invited speakers and tentative titles

    Mark Sherwin (UC Santa Barbara)
    "Pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance measurements using a free-electron laser"
    Joo-Hiuk Son (University of Seoul)
    "Terahertz molecular spectroscopy and its applications in cancer diagnosis"
    Masayuki Hagiwara (Osaka University)
    "Terahertz ESR in the spin-2 antiferromagnetic chain complex MnCl3(bpy)"
    Kohji Yamamoto (University of Fukui)
    "Application of a metal parallel-plate waveguide to terahertz spectroscopy"
    Keiichiro Shiraga (Kyoto University)
    "Characterization of hydration state and hydrogen-bond network in the biomolecular solutions and the epithelial cells"
    Yoshihiko Kanemitsu (Kyoto University)
    "THz spectroscopy as a new characterization tool for solar-cell materials and devices"
    Eiji Ohmichi (Kobe University)
    "Development of mechanically detected terahertz electron spin resonance technique"
    Toshiro Kohmoto (Kobe University)
    "Observation of ultrafast spin dynamics in antiferromagnetic transition metal oxides by pump-probe and terahertz spectroscopies"
    Harumi Sato (Kobe University)
    "Higher-Order Structure of Biodegradable Polyesters Studied by Terahertz Spectroscopy"
    Yasuhiro Kobori (Kobe University)
    "Electron Spin Polarization Imaging of Photoinduced Charge-Separated States in Photosynthetic Proteins"



    Please make a contact to the email address shown below (K. Tominaga) for registraton. 
    Registration fee is free of charge.

    Abstract deadline

    All invited speakers are kindly requested to submit a one-page abstract
    by Feb. 21, 2017 to the contact email address.

    Abstract format

    Template File (MS-Word, 148KB)

    Time table

    2017. 3. 10 (Fri)
    Chair Masahiko Tani (Univ. of Fukui)
    9:00-9:05 Keisuke Tominaga (Kobe Univ.) -Opening
    9:05-9:40 Mark Sherwin (UC Santa Barbara) -Invited
    9:40-10:15 Masayuki Hagiwara (Osaka Univ.) -Invited
    10:15-10:30 Break
    Chair Naoki Yamamoto (Kobe Univ.)
    10:30-11:05 Joo-Hiuk Son (Univ. of Seoul) -Invited
    11:05-11:40 Keiichiro Shiraga (Kyoto Univ.) -Invited
    11:40-12:15 Harumi Sato (Kobe Univ.) -Invited
    12:15-13:30 Lunch Break
    Chair Kaoru Ohta (Kobe Univ. )
    13:30-14:05 Yoshihiko Kanemitsu (Kyoto Univ.) -Invited
    14:05-14:40 Yasuhiro Kobori (Kobe Univ.) -Invited
    14:45-15:20 Toshiro Kohmoto (Kobe Univ.) -Invited
    15:20-15:35 Break
    Chair Susumu Okubo (Kobe Univ.)
    15:35-16:10 Kohji Yamamoto (Univ. of Fukui) -Invited
    16:10-16:45 Eiji Ohmichi (Kobe Univ.) -Invited
    16:45-16:50 Keisuke Tominaga (Kobe Univ.) -Closing
    Time table(20170217) pdf



    Prof. Keisuke Tominaga
    Molecular Photoscience Research Center, Kobe University
    1-1 Rokkodai-cho, Nada, Kobe 657-8501, Japan
    E-mail: RATHzMS-address

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