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Graphics Literacy Education and Research Center / Faculty of Engineering, Kobe University


*Director / ƒZƒ“ƒ^[’·

Hirotaka SUZUKI / —é–؍L—² (Dept. of Architecture)

*Vice Director / •›ƒZƒ“ƒ^[’·

Masatoshi KITAMURA / –k‘º‰ë‹G (Dept. of Electric & Electronic Eng.)

*Deputy Directors / ƒZƒ“ƒ^[’·•â²

Kimihiro SAKAGAMI / ããŒö”Ž (Dept. of Architecture)

Keiko GION / âL‰€ŒiŽq (Dept. of Civil Eng.)

*Advisor / ƒAƒhƒoƒCƒU[

Shuhei ENDO / ‰““¡G•½ (Professor Emeritus, Grad. School of Eng.)

Kenzo TAGA / ‘½‰êŒª‘  (Professor Emeritus, Grad. School of Eng.)

*Staffs from Fac. of Eng. / ƒZƒ“ƒ^[‹³ˆõ

Naoto OHMURA / ‘呺’¼l (Dept. of Chemical Sci. & Eng.)

Atsushi KOIKE / ¬’r~Ži (Dept. of Civil Eng.)

Yohsuke IMAI / ¡ˆä—z‰î (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)

Satoru TAKADA / ‚“c‹Å (Dept. of Architecture)

Tsutomu TERADA / Ž›“c“w (Dept. of Electric & Electronic Eng.)

Ken NAKAE / ’†]Œ¤ (Dept. of Architecture)

Tooru OOYA / ‘å’J‹œ (Dept. of Chemical Sci. & Eng.)

Nobutaka KUROKI / •–؏C—² (Dept. of Electric & Electronic Eng.)

Naoko KURIYAMA / ŒIŽR®Žq (Dept. of Architecture)

Ruri HIDEMA / “úoŠÔ‚é‚è (Dept. of Chemical Sci. & Eng.)

Yuichiro YAMABE/ ŽR粗Fˆê˜Y (Dept. of Architecture)

Tamotsu ASAI / óˆä•Û (Dept. of Architecture)

*Staffs from Kobe Univ. / Šw“à‹¦—Í‹³ˆõ

Hiromitsu UMEMIYA / ”~‹{OŒõ (Grad. School of Human Development and Environment)

Ichiro NAGASAKA / ’·âˆê˜Y (Grad. School of Humanities)

*Cooperative Researchers (Domestic) / ŠwŠO‹¦—ÍŒ¤‹†ŽÒ

Ryuji KURODA / •“c—´“ñ (Professor Emeritus, Grad. School of Eng.)

Tatsushi TANAKA / “c’†—´Žu (NITECO ZUKEN Co., Ltd.)

Narurou MAEDA / ‘O“c–«˜N (T&T Co., Ltd.)

Yousuke NAKATA / ’†“c—s‰î (T&T Co., Ltd.)

*Cooperative Researchers (Oversea) / ŠCŠO‹¦—ÍŒ¤‹†ŽÒ

Francesco ALETTA (University College London)

Luigi COCCHIARELLA (Politecnico di Milano)

Modris DOBELIS (Riga Technical University)

Daiva MAKUTENIENE (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University)

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