Research Divisions

Membrane Material Synthesis Division

In our group, development of new organic/polymer synthetic reactions and structural molecular design for functional materials have been performed, in which fabrication of various separation membranes and thin films for electronic devices is focused. The Membrane Material Synthesis division pursues a variety of researches from basic to application in the following subgroups:


    • Atsunori Mori (Professor) (*)
    • Kentaro Okano (Associate Professor)
    • Toyoko Suzuki (Assistant Professor)

(*) Division Leader

Research Topics

Development of Organic Synthetic Reactions for Synthesis of Membrane Materials

Our objective is to synthesize heteroaromatic compounds with extended pi-conjugated systems, in this regard we deal with each type of coupling reaction using transition metal complex catalysts. Particularly, we advance research on the the development of novel reactions that allow the formation of high performance carbon bonds and new methods for the synthesis of simplified polysubstituted heteroaromatic compounds.

Development of Macromolecule Synthetic Reactions for Synthesis of Membrane Materials

We are working on the development of polymerizing reactions using cross-coupling with heteroaromatic compounds monomers. We aim to develop a macromolecule synthesis method capable of supporting the polymeric reactions occured when applying the side chain functional group introduction method and a new functional group is introduced.

Functional Design for Synthesis of Membrane Materials

Our objective is to achieve the synthesis of every kind of structure controlled copolymers from multiple heterogeneous monomers, their functional expression based on their design, and the formation of coating membranes from polymer particles. Particularly, we are working on the development of a control method for the uniformity of spheric particles obtained from those copolymers in particle generation of polythiophene derivatives.

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