Social Activity

Welcome Dinner
24th Tuesday, September


GOCOCU, Portopia Hotel
26th Thursday, September
Conference Venue in Port Island (2:15~) ==Bus==
Kobe Shushin Kan Sake-Breweries (for Lunch) (12:45~13:45) ==Bus==
Concerto (Cruise) (14:20~16:15) ・・Walk・・
Harbor Land (16:15~17:15) ・・Walk・・
Banquet in FISH IN THE FOREST (17:30~21:00) ==Bus==
Portopia Hotel


Kobe Shushin Kan Breweries

Kobe Shu-shin-kan Breweries Compound, a brewery of sake "Fukuju" is established in 1751. You can purchase handmade sake from a barrel after sake tasting. There are facilities you can relax and spend artistic time including "Sakabayashi", a fine dining offering handmade tofu. Here will be the restaurant for lunch.



Concerto ~Luxury Cruise~

From our cruise, you can see the city of Kobe, the sea and the sky integrating into one attractive scenery. During the day, the view is comfortable and broad. You can appreciate the scenery unavailable on land. You will take afternoon tea cruise. Please enjoy a delicious cake and drinks.



Kobe Harborland, a premier commercial and sightseeing destination on the site of the former Japan National Railways Minatogawa Cargo Station, opened in October 1992 as a cultural hub that links the city and the sea. Kobe Harborland features an array of large-scale commercial sites, from department stores, superstores, and specialty shops to hotels.

Banquet (17:30~21:00)

FISH IN THE FOREST ~ TOOTH TOOTH × Sora Botanical Garden

Standing right near the Kobe Earthquake Memorial Park and the beautiful Meriken park, it’s located in extremely accessible area. You will see our wire-woven carp object--standing as a recognizable landmark. This restaurant is based on the concept of food, nature and culture. Space of botanical garden handled by Seiji Nishihata, representative of the sky botanical garden spreads inside and outside. It expresses a fantastic world view of "FISH IN THE FOREST ~ TOOTH TOOTH × Sora Botanical Garden ~".