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waterflow through v-notch weir

In our research and educational field, the water movements that occur in river basins are analyzed from both the aspects of water quantity and that of water quality. We are also researching the mitigation of disasters by flooding and drought, management of water resources and environment, as well as irrigation and drainage in rural areas.

Blue Nile Optimization of hydrological model parameters Continuous water quality monitoring equipment

The following are some of our main research topics: Rainfall-runoff model and its optimization, runoff forecasting for high and low flow, effective use of water resources in foreign countries such as the Nile River in Sudan, establishment of an unbiased load estimation method from diffuse source, and development of water quality modeling of ions and suspended solids from small forested catchments.

Recent research topics of our laboratory

  1. Multi-objective optimization of Tank Model for simulating high and low flows with acceptable accuracy
  2. Multi-objective optimization of rainfall-runoff models using the compromise programming
  3. Estimation method of exporting load from catchment and its uncertainty
  4. Long-term and high temporal resolution in situ monitoring of potassium, sodium, and chloride in a small forested catchment using flow injection potentiometry
  5. An Evaluation of Estimation Methods of Solute Load from a Small Forested Catchment
  6. Sustainable development and usage of water resources and improvement of irrigated agriculture in Qira oasis, Xinjiang, China
  7. Evaluation of irrigation performance in Gash Delta, Sudan using remote sensing and DEM
  8. Application of remote sensing for estimating crop water requirements, yield and water productivity of wheat in the Gezira scheme

staff: Professor Haruya TANAKAMARU

staff: Associate Professor Akio TADA

Division of Agricultural Engineering
Department of Agricultural Engineering and Socio-Economics
Graduate School of Agricultural Science
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