Advanced Research Center for Well-being of Kobe University

Kobe University is a comprehensive university with faculties and departments encompassing the fields of humanities, social sciences, human sciences, natural sciences, and life sciences. The university boasts a wealth of experience in conducting multidisciplinary and co-creative research. In November 2022, the Advanced Research Center for Well-being was established with the purpose of leveraging these abundant resources, experience, knowledge, and potential to contribute towards realizing a society where all individuals can enjoy happiness and mental well-being. The center is actively engaged in conducting researches and implementing socially-relevant interventions.


This conceptual diagram elucidates the vision of the Center.
While numerous organizations exist that aim to promote well-being, the majority of them concentrate exclusively on the factors related to individual well-being, such as health and purpose in life, as depicted on the left-hand side of the figure. However, our Center recognizes that to achieve individual well-being, it is imperative to address the environmental and community factors that support it. Consequently, we place significant emphasis on enhancing the well-being of the environment and local communities, as represented on the right-hand side of the figure, which encompasses social and global well-being.
Moreover, we espouse the belief that individuals flourish and progress when individual well-being and social well-being are fostered concurrently, ultimately culminating in individual happiness.


We have established five missions to realize the vision of the Center

  • The conceptualization and measurement of individual well-being.
  • The conceptualization and measurement of social well-being.
  • Identify the roles and contributions of individuals in the attainment of social well-being.
  • Examine the ways in which society plays a crucial role in promoting and facilitating the attainment of individual well-being.
  • Identify the interplay between individual and social well-being in fostering personal development.

We are conducting an interdisciplinary and international investigation on the aforementioned topic, engaging in collaborations among industry, government, citizens' groups, and academia, with the ultimate objective of achieving its social implementation.

Strengths and Distinctive Features

One of the notable features of this Center is that it brings together researchers with expertise in diverse areas such as medicine, psychology, and health sciences, as well as those specialized in the economic and natural environments, to engage in multidisciplinary co-creative research towards achieving the aforementioned vision. In addition, the Center's researchers serve as the nucleus of a growing international and interdisciplinary network, connecting researchers from different fields within Japan and abroad.
One of the salient characteristics of this Center is its capacity to amalgamate researchers who possess a vast array of skills and knowledge in disparate domains, encompassing medicine, psychology, health sciences, economics, and the natural environment, to facilitate multidisciplinary and collaborative research endeavors aimed at realizing the aforementioned objective.
Additionally, the Center's researchers serve as the hub of a growing international and interdisciplinary network, connecting researchers from different fields within Japan and abroad.