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fusion related subjects
We treat two kinds of subjects about nuclear fusion expected as a future energy source.
One is thermal load on a divertor plate as an emergent subject,
and the other is direct energy conversion as an advanced application.
thermal load on divertor
The divertor plate is the only wall in the fusion reactor where plasma contacts. It is exposed to the huge thermal load of the plasma flowing out of the core. Materials to endure the thermal load and thermal load reduction methods are researched enthusiastically. In our laboratory, application of direct energy conversion to thermal load reduction is studied.
direct energy conversion
This is fundamental researches on a power generation method with high efficiency, which is inherent in nuclear fusion power generation. The treating method is proposed by Prof. Momota et al. in 1990's, and our laboratory has mainly proceeded the research. The objective devices are as follows:
- Cusp type Direct Energy Converter (CuspDEC)
- Traveling Wave Direct Energy Converter (TWDEC)
- Secondary Electron Direct Energy Converter (SEDEC)
The researches are also carried out by collaboration with National Institue for Fusion Science, Plasma Research Center, University of Tsukuba, and Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University.