The workshop is organised by

Graduate School of Science, Kobe University

RIKEN Nishina Center


with support from Grant-in-Aid Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, MEXT, Japan:

“New expansion of particle physics of post-Higgs era by LHC: revealing the vacuum and space-time structure”


Kobe Tourism Bureau & Kobe Convention Bureau

Tsutomu Nakauchi Foundation for Promoting Conventions

Venue: Port Island, Kobe, Japan

The workshop is held in two meeting locations: Convention Hall of Kobe University for the plenary sessions and the

Kobe International Convention Centre for the parallel sessions (see “Conference Locations” below). Both are situated in Port Island, Kobe city, Japan.

The island is to the south of Sannomiya, the city centre of Kobe. The sites are several km away from Sannomiya and are accessible by frequent “Port Liner” train service by 10-15min.

Kobe is located in mid-west of Japan. The city is a part of Kansai urban area, together with Osaka, Kyoto and other cities. The city can be reached via Kansai Airport (KIX) or through airports in Tokyo.

For more detail how to reach to Kobe, see our Indico travel page .

Conference Locations

For more detail: see our Indico venue page

16 April (Mon), 20 April (Fri): Plenary sessions:

Convention Hall, Integrated Research Center of Kobe University

15min by Port Liner from Sannomiya, 1min from the station “K Computer Mae”

17-19 April (Tue-Thu): Parallel sessions:

5th and 4th floors of Kobe International Convention Centre

10min by Port Liner from Sannomiya, 3min from the station “Kobe Convention Centre”

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