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January 19, 2024 Press Release

Fact Sheet on Türkiye’s engagement in the Arctic governance: its history and into the future


ArCS II International Law Research Group has published its 9th Briefing Paper Series on Türkiye’s engagement in the Arctic governance: its history and into the future, co-authored by Dr. Nasih Sarp Ergüven of Ankara University and Prof. Akiho Shibata of Kobe University. This Fact Sheet is in Japanese, but its original unabridged manuscript is available in English as PCRC Working Paper Series.

The Republic of Türkiye, a non-Arctic state, has recently shown concrete interests in the Arctic science and governance, and this Fact Sheet describes Türkiye’s historical interest going back to its Ottoman Empire period in both the Arctic and the Antarctic, its current polar scientific activities and their projection into the future, and its (failed) 2015 application to gain an Observer status in the Arctic Council. The Fact Sheet points out that Türkiye has a mid- to long-term strategy for the Arctic and, in that process, becoming a contracting party to the Svalbard Treaty would be pivotal in pursuing such strategy.


Nasih Sarp ERGÜVEN

is Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Ankara University, the Republic of Türkiye; Visiting Research Scholar, Maritime Law Center, Tulane University Law School (October 2023 – September 2024).His research interests include the law of the sea, Antarctic Treaty System, and international polar law.


is Professor and Director, Polar Cooperation Research Centre (PCRC), Kobe University, Japan. Principal Investigator, ArCS II International Law Research Program.

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■ Nasih Sarp Ergüven, “Türkiye’s Engagement in the Arctic Governance: Its history and into the future”, PCRC Working Paper Series, No. 14 (January 2024):
■ ArCS II International Law Research Program Briefing Paper Series