• August 5, 2022

    Director Shibata becomes an editorial board member of The Polar Journal.

    The Polar Journal, a Taylor & Francis CiteScore (Scopus) Q1 journal, is uniquely focusing on publishing humanities and social sciences research articles relating to both poles. As of August 5, Director Shibata assumed its editorial board member with responsibility in "Science/Policy Interface" subject area. The Polar Journal has a close link with the work of SCAR SC-HASS. Director Shibata is also a co-editor-in-chief of Brill's Yearbook of Polar Law and a editorial advisory member of Cambridge UP's Polar Record.

  • July 25, 2022

    The Resilience of the Antarctic Treaty System in the Anthropocene, at the SCAR OSC (1-10 August 2022)

    Director Shibata is co-leading a parallel session at the SCAR Open Science Conference (OSC), the world largest Antarctic academic gathering, this time entirely online. On 3rd and 4th August, in the session, "Aggression and the Antarctic Treaty System: The End of Antarctic Exceptionalism (Director Shibata), "The Resilience of the Antarctic Treaty System in light of Russian Invasion of Ukraine" (Dr. Zia Madani), "The Development of Concept of Cumulative Impacts under the Antarctic Treaty System" (Dr. Osamu Inagaki), and other interesting presentations will be made. Don't miss it. Registration is free and open to all interested. https://app.scar2022.org/login.php

  • June 9, 2022

    Seven Arctic States announced a limited resumption of Arctic Council cooperation

    On 8 June 2022, the Seven Arctic States, except Russia, have announced a joint statement that they intend to implement a limited resumption of the Arctic Council work in projects that do not involve the participation of Russia. After announcing the pause in all Arctic Council work in their 3 March statement, this is the first stage of what they called “necessary modalities” to continue the work of the Council in light of the Russian aggression of Ukraine on 24 February. For the details with background information, please see Dr. Zia Madani’s analytical note.

  • June 1, 2022

    Prof. Alexander Sergunin talks on Arctic legal issues with international law and relations scholars: ArCS II seminar

    An online seminar by Prof. Alexander Sergunin from St. Petersburg State University in Russian Federation provided excellent opportunities to discuss recent Arctic legal issues, including extended continental shelf submission to the UN Commission and the Northern Sea Route (NSR). Prof. Sergunin is a JSPS invited fellow, visiting Kobe University from April to mid-June 2022. In his talk, Prof. Sergunin also touched upon the implications of the Ukraine crisis upon those issues. A lively discussion followed, as questions were raised by 13+ participants from both ArCS II international law and international relations research programs on Russian attitude towards the Arctic Council under its chairmanship, the effect of Russian “non-friendly nations” identification in relation to the use of NSR, etc. Participants recognized the importance of continuing researcher-level dialogue even during the war. The opportunity to interact frankly and academically with the Russian Arctic authority in the midst of the Ukrainian aggression was important.

  • June 1, 2022

    Kobe PCRC-JSPS fellowship for AY2023

    Kobe PCRC will host JSPS fellows for academic year 2023 (arrival in Japan between April 2023 and March 2024). The JSPS fellowship offers generous financial support for various level of scholars from Postdocs, Mid-career to Professor Level with different length of stay in Japan. This fellowship is great opportunity, especially for early career researchers wishing to stay at Kobe PCRC to conduct relatively long-term collaborative research. For details, please see the Invitation as well as the JSPS Application Guidelines. Please note the deadline of some recruitments, including the 1st recruitment of Postdoctoral Fellowship is July 1st.

  • May 27, 2022

    Under the Ukraine invasion, how can Arctic science diplomacy maintain Russia’s cooperation? Director Shibata argues in Nature

    In midst of Ukraine invasion, PCRC with Harvard University co-organized the webinar series on Arctic science diplomacy, with speakers from Arctic and non-Arctic states including Russia, in February and March 2022. While some participants withdrew, Director Shibata with close consultation with Paul Arthur Berkman and Jenny Baeseman maintained the webinars, noting that promotion of Arctic science through diplomacy is for ensuring the sustainability of all under the climate crisis. The co-authored correspondence article in Nature, Vol.604, argues: “Informed decision-making operates across a continuum of urgencies, short- to long-term, from pandemic to climate timescales” and even the war “for the sustainability of all” and “the importance of open science with both allies and adversaries for our shared survival” should be conveyed. A strong message from Director Shibata and his research group in Nature with its impact factor 49.962.

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