12th Polar Law Symposium
Hobart, 1-4 December 2019

PCRC Special Sessions on the Resilience of the Antarctic Treaty System to Future Challenges

Kobe PCRC organized two special panels, in collaboration with the SCAR-SCHASS Action Group on PoLSciNex, at the 12th Polar Law Symposium. The report on this special session is now available from here: Kobe PCRC Special Session – Antarctic Treaty System Resilience.

Day 2, Tuesday, 3 December 2019

14:00〜15:30   The Resilience of the ATS to Future Challenges
Akiho Shibata 

  • Patrizia Vigni (University of Siena, Italy)
    "Is Article IV of the Antarctic Treaty Still Suitable for the Governance of the Antarctic Seas?”

  • Jill Barrett (Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom)
    “The Importance of Effective Compliance and Enforcement to Long-term Resilience of the ATS”

  • Kees Bastmeijer (University of Tilburg, The Netherlands)
    “Antarctica as Top Tourist Destination: Testing the Resilience of the Antarctic Treaty System”

  • Zia E. Madani (Iranian National Institute for Oceanography and Atmospheric Science, Iran)
    “Third States’ Presence in the 7th Continent: Implications for International Law of the Antarctic”

  • 16:00〜17:30   Policy-Law-Science Nexus (PoLSciNex) in Antarctica 
    Luis Valentin Ferrada 

  • Osamu Inagaki (Kobe University, Japan) and Gen Hashida (National Institute of Polar Research, Japan)
    “DROMLAN and the Antarctic Treaty System”

  • Sakiko Hataya (Kobe University, Japan) and Akiho Shibata (Kobe University, Japan)
    “Legal implications of Chinese Kunlun Station at Dome A and its ASMA/code of conduct proposals”

  • Arron N. Honniball (National University of Singapore, Singapore) and Valentin J. Schatz (Universität Hamburg, Germany)
    “The Next Bastion in Combating IUU Fishing: The Role of Nationality Jurisdiction in CCAMLR & Beyond”

  • Jason Ryan Thompson (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium)
    “Border Drift: Norwegian Antarctic Territorial Expansion 1939-2017”

  • All presenters are encouraged to contribute to the Antarctic Treaty System Resilience research project, and to pursue a collaborative research with Kobe PCRC, including making presentations at 13th Polar Law Symposium to be held in Kobe, Japan, 23-25 November 2020. See here for more information on ATS Resilience research project.


    Antarctic Treaty System Resilience Workshop at Hobart

    Date: 5 December 2019, Thursday
    Time: 10:00〜17:00
    Venue: IMAS
    *This workshop is for members and by invitation only.
    Akiho Shibata, Julia Jabour, Luis Valentin Ferrada, Jill Barrett,
    Patrizia Vigni, Kees Bastmeijer, Zia Madani, etc.

    The summary of the discussion at the Workshop on 5 December and the Panels on 3 December, by Dr. Zia Madani of Iranian National Institute for Oceanography and Atmospheric Science, is available from here: Workshop on Antarctic Treaty System Resilience: A Perspective from Asia.