International Symposium
The Role of Non-Arctic States / Actors
in the Arctic Legal Order-Making
7-9 December 2017

Short Summary of the Symposium and photos

Conference Report by Tony Cabus and Maiko Raita

Flyer of the Symposium

Program of the Symposium


Day 1: 7 December 2017, Thursday

Keynote Speech: Koji Sekimizu

"The Polar Code and the Contribution of Non-Arctic States in its Formation and Implementation"

Morning Session: Global Arctic Shipping Governance

Session Abstracts

Main Speaker: Rasmus Bertelsen

“Transnational Knowledge Networks for Adaptive Global Arctic Shipping Governance”

Alexander Sergunin 

Piotr Graczyk

Kentaro Nishimoto

Chin Eng Ang

Afternoon Session: The Central Arctic Ocean (CAO) Fisheries 

Session Abstracts

Main Speaker : Erik Molenaar

“The Five-Plus-Five Process On Central Arctic Ocean Fisheries in The Context of the Evolving International Law Relating to the Sea and the Arctic” 

Main Speaker : Elena Kienko (with Alexander N. Vylegzhanin)

“Cooperation of Arctic and Non-Arctic States in Conservation and Management of Marine Living Resources in the Arctic: International Law Issues”

Geir Hønneland

Joji Morishita

Day 2: 8 December 2017, Friday

Keynote Speech: Dalee Dorough

“Our Homeland: The Rights and Role of Arctic Indigenous Peoples”

Morning Session: Non-Arctic Influence on Arctic Customary Laws and Institutions

Session Abstracts

Main Speakers: Aytalina Ivanova and Florian Stammler

“100 years of Non-Arctic Development in the Arctic: Customs and Institutions of Conflict Management in Extractive Industries in Russia”

Nikolas Sellheim

Afternoon Session: Policy-Relevant-Science within the Context of the Arctic

Session Abstracts 

“How to Make Arctic Marine Scientific Observation “Relevant” to the International Policy Community”

Malgorzata Smieszek

Akiho Shibata

Hajime Kimura

Naomi Harada

Day 3: 9 December 2017, Saturday

Keynote Speech: Keiji Ide

"Challenges for the Arctic Cooperation and Japan's Contribution"

Keynote Speech: Timo Koivurova

“The Current and Future Role of Non-Arctic Actors in Arctic Governance”

Morning Session: The Role of Observers in the Arctic Council  

Session Abstracts

Main Speaker: Sebastian Knecht

“Managing Quantity and Quality of Observer Contributions to the Arctic Council: Insights from AMAP”

Piotr Graczyk

Yuanyuan Ren

Marzia Scopelliti

Afternoon Session: Asian States/Actors in the Arctic Legal Order-making 

Session Abstracts

Main Speaker: Aki Tonami

“The New Political Economic Order in the Making? The Arctic and the Asian States/actors” 

Yang Jian

Wonsang Seo

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