The primary method to provide your slides is to bring slides directly to the computer connected to the main projector via USB memory. This is in order to avoid possible interruption of network. Please bring your file to the main hall. A session manager
will collect your slides.

Plenary talks can be uploaded to the Indico system before your talk as a permananet storage and for listener's convenience. If it is not uploaded, we will upload the collected slides. The key for uploading on the Indico system will be sent to you separately.

The format should be Powerpoint (including pptx) or PDF.

Your talk is 40 minutes + 5 minutes discussion or 25 minutes + 5 minutes discussion. This conference is with extremely tight schedule. You will be cut when the time is exceeded.


Poster session will be on day 2 (Tuesday 1st August) afternoon. The session consists of two parts:

  1. Talks for selected posters, each five minutes 14:30-15:30
  2. Poster session 15:30-16:30 with coffee served.
Instruction for poster presenters

  1. The poster size is A0 (portrait) or smaller.
  2. Please bring your poster PRINTED. We provide absolutely no help in printing the poster on site.
  3. The poster should be displayed at the beginning of the conference (not shortly before the poster session starts) on the display board with your name. The poster should be removed in the afternoon of 2nd September.
  4. The poster talk should be an introductory talk for the poster session presentation and should not be an explanation for results. The talk will be 5 minutes sharp and you will be interrupted after five minutes are elapsed. No questions from audience is allowed: such questions should be given during the poster session.
  5. The oral presentation should be brought to the session manager so that your slides are copied in our presentation computer (connected to the projector) by Tuesday lunch time. This is important for for smooth operation of the session and a safe method for network interruption.
    We advise, however, that you also upload your slides on the Indico poster-session page before you leave your home country.
  6. We also advise you to upload your poster on Indico poster-session page well before your presentation starts.
  7. The key for uploading your slide will be sent to poster presenters separately.


The proceedings will be published by Universal Academy Press (link tentatively dead), Tokyo, Japan. All the contributions presented in XXIX Physics in Collision (poster, poster with a talk, invited talks) will be included in the proceedings.

The deadline: 15th October.

We do not wait for manuscripts arrived significantly later than that date: the proceedings will be published without such contributions!

Instruction (tex, pdf)
The set for producing manuscript in .zip archive (tex, style file, example figures),
also available from our publisher

The submission should be done via .
Username and Password is distributed separately: if you are an author and you are not informed, please ask .

Format is A4, two column 10pt.
Pages: 8 for 40min talk, 6 for 25min talk, 3 for poster with oral presentation, 2 for poster.

If you submit it to preprint archive, please indicate "to be submitted in "XXIX Physics in Collision, Proceedings of the International Symposium in Kobe, Japan, August 30 - September 2, 2009".