International Symposium on Emerging Arctic Legal Orders in Science, Environment and the Ocean
December 18-19, 2015

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The papers in English from this symposium are now available
as PCRC Working Paper Series

The Papers in Japanese from this symposium are now available in Journal of International Cooperation Studies, Vol. 24, No.1 (July, 2016) ex-link-icon

Day 1: December 18, 2015

Ambassador Hannu Halinen

Arctic Council as an Institutional Framework for Arctic Legal Order-making

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Panel Discussion on the Arctic Council
and the Role of Non-Arctic States

Talking Points for the Panel Discussion

Professor Rachael Lorna Johnstone

Environmental Governance through the Arctic Council: The Arctic Council as Initiator of Norms of International Environmental Law

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Professor David L. VanderZwaag

Arctic Ocean Governance: Shifting Seascapes, Hazy Horizons

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Comment by Professor Toru Hirawake


Professor Akiho Shibata

The Arctic as a Distinct Legal Sphere for Promoting International Scientific Cooperation

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Day 2: December 19, 2015

Professor Kentaro Nishimoto

Regulation of Arctic Shipping after the Polar Code


Relevant materials prepared by PCRC

0. Japan and the Arctic

(1) Japan’s Arctic Policy (16 October 2015)pdf-icon

(2) Akiho Shibata, “Japan and 100 Years of Antarctic Legal Order: Any Lessons for the Arctic?” Yearbook of Polar Law (2015)

1. Arctic Council

(1) Ottawa Declaration establishing the Arctic Council (1996)

(2) Rules of Procedure for the Arctic Council (Revised, 2013)

(3) Iqaluit Declaration on the Occasion of 9th Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Council (May 2015) pdf-icon

(4) Anchorage meeting of SAO Summary Report on “Strengthening the Arctic Council” (pp. 6-9) (Oct. 2015) pdf-icon

(5) Agenda of the Special Session on Observer Engagement, SAO Anchorage (Oct. 2015) pdf-icon

2. Arctic Environment

(1) Agreement on Cooperation on Marine Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response in the Arctic (2013)

(2) Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Guidelines: Systems Safety Management and Safety Culture (PAME, May 2014)

(3) An Arctic Council Framework for Action on Enhanced Black Carbon and Methane Emission Reduction (May 2015)

(4) Summary for Policy-makers: Arctic Climate Issues 2015 Short-lived Climate Pollutants (AMAP, May 2015)

(5) AMAP Assessment 2015: Black carbon and ozone as Arctic climate forcers (2015)

3. Arctic Ocean Governance

(1) Ilulisaat Declaration at the Arctic Ocean Conference (29 May 2008)

(2) Oslo Declaration concerning the Prevention of Unregulated High Seas Fishing in the Central Arctic Ocean (16 July 2015)

(3) Final Report, Third Meeting of Scientific Experts on Fish Stocks in the Central Arctic Ocean (July 2015)

(4) Co-chairs’ summary report on the 1st meeting of TFAMC (Sept. 2015)

(5) Anchorage meeting of SAO Summary Report on Ocean (pp. 18-20) (Oct. 2015)

(6) Chair’s Statement after the Meeting on High Seas Fisheries in the Central Arctic Ocean (3 December 2015)

4. Arctic Scientific Cooperation
(particularly relating to a new agreement)

(1) Co-Chairs’ report on the 1st meeting of SCTF (Dec. 2013)pdf-icon

(2) Co-Chairs’ report on the 4th meeting of SCTF (Oct. 2014)pdf-icon

(3) Senior Arctic Official’s Report to the Ministers on SCTF (April 2015) pdf-icon

(4) Anchorage meeting of SAO Summary Report on SCTF (p.21) (Oct. 2015)

5. Arctic Sea Routes

(1) United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (1982)

(2) Mandatory Polar Code (2014 - 2015)