Research Divisions

Currently we have 7 research divisions in the Research Center for Membrane and Film Technology, dedicated to membrane related studies on various topics. Feel free to explore more about our current research activities by divisions.

Water Treatment Membrane Division

We develop separation membrane for water treatment, which is being industrialized in many ways, such as: hollow membrane for wastewater treatment, reverse osmosis membrane for seawater desalination and separation membrane for industrial drainage percolation.

Gas Separation・Gas Barrier Membrane Division

With the purpose on conserving carbon dioxide which mainly causing global warming, our research targets on the development of functional CO₂ separation membranes, various reactions using separated CO₂ , membrane reactors, separation membranes using porous ceramic materials for various gases, functional liquids/external field response membranes using metal complexes, and functional gas barrier membranes used in packaging and electrical/electronic fields.

機能性 Thin Film Division

The expression function of organic molecules highly depends on their chemical structure, aggregation state, and crystal characteristics. In this division, we conduct research on nanostructure formation, interface control, elucidation of optical and electronic properties, and device invention with the aim at creating organic thin film devices with optical and electronic functions.

Bio-process Membrane Division

We are studying two subjects. One is to combine a membrane separation technique with bio-refinery processes to achieve efficient, safe and low-energy bioproduction. Another is a film technique based on polymer coating that allows surface functionalization of a broad range of materials to provide selective separation and bioanalysis.



Commercialization Promotion Division

With the aim at accelerating industrial application of newly developed membrane technologies, in this division we focus on the collaboration with off-campus organizations. We organize sorts of industrial activities such as technical workshops for company members, co-research matching as well as business management courses.