The following table lists the devices and equipment available for use in the Center for Membrane and Film Technology

Category Control Number Device Name
Spectroanalysis 1503 Ultraviolet-visible near-infrared spectrophotometer
Processing equipment 1505 Spincoater
Microscopy 1506 Polarized light microscope
Microscopy 1601 High-speed camera
Physical-quantity measurement 1101 Electromagnetic Spinning Viscometer
Spectroanalysis 1102 FT-IR Reaction Tracking System
Thermoanalysis 1103 Water-vapor Atmosphere TG-DTA
Gas permeability measurement 1104 Gas Permeability Efficiency Evaluation Device (sweep method)
Physical-quantity measurement 1106 Hibrid Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer
Spectroanalysis 1107 Laser Raman Spectrophotometer
Physical-quantity measurement 1108 Rheometer
Processing equipment 1109 Ultracentrifuge
Physical-quantity measurement 1110 Density/Specific gravity meter
Processing equipment 1114 Spin coater
Processing equipment 1115 Deep coater
Particle size and distribution measurement 1116 Nano-Particle analyzer
Spectroanalysis 1117 Infrared microscope
Physical-quantity measurement 1118 Vapor Pressure Osmometer
Microscopy 1119 Scanning Probe Microscope
Cromatographic analysis 1120 GC System
Physical-quantity measurement 1122 Strength-elongation measurement device
Water quality analysis 1121 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
Thermoanalysis 1124 Differential scanning calorimeter
Interface properties analysis 1126 Solid-Liquid interface analyzer
Interface properties analysis 1127 Surface tensiometer
Microscopy 1128 Cross-section polisher
Water quality analysis 1129 LC-OCD
Water quality analysis 1130 Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) measurement device
Spectroanalysis 1201 Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer
Spectroanalysis 1202 Spectrophotometer
Physical-quantity measurement 1203 Mass spectroscope
Spectroanalysis 1204 Photoluminescence (PL) Device
Physical-quantity measurement 1205 High precision gas adsorption device
Thermoanalysis 1207 Differential heat and thermal mass simultaneous measurement device
Cromatographic analysis 1209 Gas cromatograph
Physical-quantity measurement 1301 Controlled stress rheometer
Microscopy 1303 Digital Microscope
Particle size and distribution measurement 1305 Laser scattering particle distribution measurement device
Microscopy 1309 Atomic-force microscope
Particle size and distribution measurement 1401 Zeta potential particle size measurement system
Spectroanalysis 1402 Atomic absorption photometer
Spectroanalysis 1501 Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer
Spectroanalysis 1502 fluorospectrophotometer
Membrane-forming device 1135 Porous Membrane Manufacturing Device NIPS (Small Type)
Membrane-forming device 1136 Porous Membrane Manufacturing Device TIPS (Small Type)
Interface properties analysis 1142 Confocal Laser Microscope
Particle size and distribution measurement 1151 Nano-particle Size and Distribution Measurement Device
Spectroanalysis 1155 Spectrophotometer
Spectroanalysis 1156 Spectrofluorometer
Particle size and distribution measurement 1157 Zeta potential measurement system
Physical-quantity measurement 1159 Water Percolation Measurement Device for use in RO Membrane
Physical-quantity measurement 1160 Water Percolation Measurement Device for use in Hollow Membrane
Physical-quantity measurement 1161 Water Percolation Measurement Device for use in Flat Membrane
Physical-quantity measurement 1166 Freezing Point Depression Osmometer