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Use of Membrane in our Daily Life

It is difficult to figure out what “membrane” is by only hearing the word, isn’t it?

For example, the membrane used for water treatment has different holes with different sizes (although, all are microholes); when water is going through the membrane, those holes allow the passage of needed things and avoid the passage of impurities. If it’s gas what’s passing through, an specialized membrane separates poisonous things and cleanses the air, etc.

The most familiar thing to us related to “coating” is the paint coating applied to automobiles. Similarly, coating film is applied to many things, starting with the fine-grain coating applied to lithium batteries of electronic devices such as Mobile phones.

Membrane Technology plays a fundamental role everywhere, for us to have a convenient and comfortable life.

For Example, in Our Home

Household use Water Filters

Inside Water Filters commonly used at home, there are bundled together many straw-like components with micro holes. This bundle is called “Hollow Membrane” and it filters out useless elements and impurities from the water supply. Thanks to this membrane we can enjoy clean water from the water supply.

Candy Wrapping

Gas-barrier membranes are used in individually-wrapped candy to preserve flavor freshness for a long time.

For Example, in Our City

Solar Energy Panels

Membrane Technology is also used in Solar Energy panels. Currently, the most used solar panel is made from a semiconductive material known as Silicon but, as the next generation on research in Membrane Technology is advancing, lighter, cheaper solar panels using thin membranes with organic coating as batteries are being developed.

Water Servers

Inside Water Servers used in Hospitals and recently in Houses too, A membrane with 10 million of 1mm holes is used to filter out water impurities and add minerals after its purification. This device provides clean water with stability and safety.

For Example, to be Kind with the Planet.

Factory and Car Emissions

It is being said that, CO2 gas coming with polluting emissions from factories and cars is the main cause of Global Warming. By applying a Separation Membrane that separates CO2 from gasses such as Nitrogen and Oxygen, and confining the residuals of the exhaust gas in the ground, atmospheric pollution can be reduced.

Sewage management

In Sewage Management Facilities, Water is purified by letting bacteria eat the organic elements from water, but after this process is finished, large sedimentation terrains to separate water from bacteria are needed. By using Membranes, water and bacteria can be separated within compact installations.

Obtaining Potable Water through Seawater Desalination

If seawater is filtered with the mentioned membrane containing 10 million of 1mm holes, marine salt is removed and fresh water can be produced. In low rainfall zones, drinkable water can be ensured even in drought times by using this membrane to desalinate water.

Membrane technology is applied in many familiar aspects and it also contributes to ecology. It is surprising the role it plays in life isn’t it? In our laboratories here, in the Center for Membrane and Film Technology, we manage and daily strive to research about these diverse types of membranes.